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Since late 1980 redwood has been nearly impossible to obtain in the Twin Cities market, Today this has all changed, this highly prized, and in demand, deck surface, has returned.  The Deck Store is proud to be new newest supplier of this amazingly beautiful, and long lasting, decking material from Humbolt Redwood.   Forested in California’s managed redwood forests, using only the best practices for redwood sustainable forestry. Redwood is a , recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable resource grown and harvested in accordance with the highest environmental standards in the world. Harvested only from coastal California’s managed redwood forests that are certified as responsibly managed. Choose between "B Grade" and "Deck Heart"  When working with real wood selecting the correct grade makes all the difference. Learn about the grades of redwood we carry at The Deck Store to help choose the right grade for your deck building project.  The most common redwood sapwood grades are Clear, B Grade, Deck Common, Construction Common, and Merchantable. Additional information about these grades are provided below.

Redwood lumber grades are divided into two primary groups, Architectural grades, and Garden Grades.  Each of these groups is divided into sub grades ,With such a variety, it is easy to be confused, at the Deck Store we have selected two grades that are perfectly suited for your deck building project.   Redwood is graded by two important factors: appearance and durability.

The Garden Grades include Deck Heart, Construction Heart, Deck Common, Construction Common, Merchantable Heart and Merchantable, are offered seasoned or unseasoned

The Architectural Grades include , Clear All Heart, Clear, Heart Clear, Heart B and B Grade, are normally sold kiln dried (pre-shunk and stress free) for the finest  exterior and interior architectural uses.


Deck Heart

The Deck Heart is an all heartwood grade containing knots of varying sizes and other slight imperfections; available seasoned or unseasoned. This highly useful grade can be ordered surfaced or rough. The Deck Heart has a similar appearance and uses as Construction Heart but is also graded for strength. The Scotia Series Deck Heart is available in 2×4 and 2×6 only. Uses of The Scotia Series Deck Heart Redwood include decks, fences, posts, retaining walls, garden structures, stairs or other outdoor applications on or near soil

"B" Grade

Quality grade containing sapwood, limited knots and other characteristics not permitted in Clear. Typically available Certified Kiln Dried (also available unseasoned). Available surfaced or saw-textured. Uses of B Grade Redwood include siding, paneling, trim, fascia, molding and other architectural uses; quality decking, garden structures and other above-ground applications.

Learn More aout building with Redwood by visiting the Humboldt Redwood website


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