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Bronze Star Exterior Star Drive Wood Screws

Bronze Star Exterior Star Drive Wood Screws
The Ultimate Coated Screw!

compatible with pressure treated lumber

Bronze Star Drive General Purpose Corrosion-Resistant Screws are for exterior professional operations using hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough or treated materials. Triple coating has shown over 1200 hours of corrosion resistance in both ACQ and salt spray conditions. Bronze Star coating is compatible with pressure treated lumber & can be used with tannic wood such as Cedar and Redwood.

Bronze Star Coated "Star Drive" Wood Screws features
star drive wood screws   Triple SKT11 Exterior Bronze Coating on a high quality heat treated hardened steel
star drive wood screws   Deepest Star Drive on the market!
star drive wood screws   Type 17 Notched Extra Sharp Point starts quickly without walking, reduces need for predrilling, cuts through composit materials on first rotation
star drive wood screws   Tiny cuts on threads cut through fibrous materials and greatly reduces the torque needed to drive the screw without affecting holding power
star drive wood screws   Knurled shoulder reams hole in board being fastened, reducing drag on shank and driving tool
star drive wood screws   High quality heat treated hardened steel. True flat head with 16 cutting nibs self countersinks and prevents spinout
star drive wood screws   Free Bit Included In All Packaging!

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)