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Screw Assortment Kits

Star Drive Wood Screw Assortment Kits
The Ultimate In Convenience

These economical and compact assortment kits are the perfect accessory for your home, garage or workshop (they also make wonderful gifts!). Fully loaded, these take-anywhere kits  are easy to carry, slim enough to fit just about any place you need and are available in several varieties for different purposes. Our Assortment Kits include an assortment of our Star Drive Wood Screws in a specially priced package. Available in Composite Deck Screw, Finish & Trim Head, Cabinet / Finish, Trim Head, Interior Multi-purpose Gold, ACQ Compatible Exterior Bronze or Stainless Steel.


Star Drive Wood Screw Assortment Kits
  star drive wood screws   8 Varieties of Star Drive Wood Screw Assortment Kits for Specialized Purposes.
  star drive wood screws   Adjustable Reusable Organizer – Easy to Carry!
  star drive wood screws   Perfect Accessory to your Home, Garage or Workshop – Great Gifts!
  star drive wood screws   Includes 3” – 2pc SS Magnetic Bit Holder & 3” SS Quick Release Magnetic Bit Holder.
  star drive wood screws   Includes Adjustable Organizer, 2 Magnetic Bit Holders, and FREE Drive Bits.


8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)