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Riviera Rail

Riviera Style Aluminum Railings by Westbury have a variety of open mid-rail options from the Riviera "R" series to the Riviera IV series. The Riviera railings give your rail a contemporary, modern look without compromising the look of your deck. All Riviera products are powder coated with state of the art technology to resist outdoor fading.

Important information on these items (please read)

All Special Order Westbury items will need extra delivery time, up to 12-13 weeks. Westbury is already backed up with orders & is experiencing manufacturing delays.

CCRR-0163 complies with IBC, IRC, and FBC. The following Westbury railing products are included in CCR-0163: C10, C101, C30, C30R, C301R, C31, C311, C32, C321, C33, C331, C34, C341, C70, C80, 2" Power Posts, 4" Plain Posts, and 2" HD Posts. Please check with local code authorities for requirements.

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)