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DekTek Concrete Deck Tile

DekTek Tiles At The Deck Store Online

DekTek Tile has created one of the most innovative ways to add the look of stone to your deck, porch, pergola, or any outside space. DekTek's hand-crafted precast concrete deck tiles are specifically engineered for elevated and roof decks to span 16" on center and hold over 1000 lbs each. Guaranteed not to split, rot, splinter, or decay, DekTek Tiles also won't mold or get algae growth. The color should last for years, with only slight fading. Simple to install and even easier to maintain. You just need to hose the the tiles off occasionally and reseal them every three years. DekTek Tiles measure 16" square by 1" thick, making it easy to use with deck boards for borders, accents, or whatever you can dream up.

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3 Item(s)