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Post Caps

The Deck Store is the proud supplier of all the major brands of Post Caps for your deck rail or fence project. Post Caps are designed to be both decorative and functional. The typical design diverts water and snow from causing the end grains of your posts to split and decay.

Post Caps come in almost every imaginable color, shape and material. Further complicating the selection process is the enormous number of sizes available and the way the sizes are described. We try to make this as clear as possible so you get the cap you expected the first time. Terms like "Actual" and "Nominal" are used frequently. Much like a 2x4 is actually 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" in size, post cap manufacturers do the same thing, but to mix it up some manufacturers of Composite or PVC post sleeves only use actual sizes in their description. As a general rule if you select a post cap from the same manufacturer as the post sleeve you're likely going to get the proper cap. Manufacturers want you to use their products so they might change the shape slightly (Rounding or projecting corners) so only their caps will fit. If you have a question about a particular cap Contact Us and we will do our best to help you. Sending a digital picture with measurements helps too.

Major Brands: AuroraDeckorators | Timbertech | Azek | Trex | Fortress | Nantucket | Dekor

Types of Caps: Specialty | Illuminated | Glass | Wood | Finials | Metal | Composite

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  • Nantucket Metal Slip Over Post Cap

  • CXT Solar Post Caps

  • CXT Copper Post Caps

  • Modular Aluminum Post Cap

  • Postcover Caps for Cast Post Sleeves

  • High Point Post Caps For Deckorators

  • Solar Square Post Caps For Deckorators

  • 3-1/2” Post Adapter For Galaxy Solar Post Cap

  • Regal Railing Post Caps

  • Step 1a | RadianceRail Express Post Cap by Timbertech

  • Saturn Anello LED Post Cap

  • West Creek Post Cap from Nantucket Post Caps

  • Halifax Post Cap by Nantucket

  • East Creek Post Cap from Nantucket Post Caps

  • Jumbo Victoria High Point Post Cap by Maine Ornamental

  • Cambridge Slip Over Post Cap

  • Victoria High Point Pyramid Post Cap by Maine Ornamental

  • Rondi LED Post Cap

  • Rondi Unlit Post Cap

  • Step 1a | Lighted Island LED Post Cap from Azek

  • Mt. Elbert LED Lighted Post Cap by HighPoint

  • Prospect Harbor 12V LED Lighted Post Cap

  • Classic Copper Top Post Cap

  • Pyramid Post Cap with Colonial Trim

  • Premium Wood Post Cap

  • Victorian Wood Post Cap

  • Wood Ball Top Post Cap

  • Flat Top Post Cap with Colonial Trim

  • Basic Wood Post Cap

  • Triple Crown Copper Top Post Cap

  • Newport Wood Ball Top Post Caps by Deckorators

  • Newport Pyramid Wood Post Caps by Deckorators

  • Solar Post Cap For Deckorators Cast Stone Post Covers

  • Mt. Evans Lighted Post Cap by HighPoint

  • Mt. Elbert Post Cap by HighPoint

  • Traditional Solar VersaCaps Post Cap Light by Deckorator

  • VersaCaps High Point Post Cap by Deckorator

  • Solarband VersaCap by Deckorators

    Solarband VersaCap by Deckorators

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $36.49

  • Hatteras Cedar Post Cap

  • Copper Pyramid Post Cap

  • DekPro Effex Glow Ring Flat Top Post Cap Light

  • Venus LED Deck Light by Aurora


Items 1 to 48 of 154 total

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