Timbertech Fasteners

CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener System

TimberTech's ingenious CONCEALoc hidden fastener system is designed to combine ease of installation with the sought-after look of a flawless, fastener-free surface.

TOPLoc Face Fastening System

The TimberTech TOPLoc face fastening system takes the guesswork out of which screw looks best or installs easiest – and delivers a color-matched fastener option ideal for dense boards or situations where hidden fasteners are not preferred.

TOPLoc Fascia Fastening System

The TimberTech TOPLoc fascia fastening system eliminates the issues experienced with traditional fastening methods. The TOPLoc Fascia Bit and Fasteners are designed for proper fascia installations every time – allowing the fascia to hang in place. This system has been shown to eliminate oil-canning by allowing the fascia to move independently of the rim joist.

FusionLoc Collated Hidden Fasteners

TimberTech FusionLoc Collated Hidden Fasteners work with the FusionLoc gun to save considerable time installing TimberTech and Azek deck boards.