Refine Deck Railing

Refine Deck Railing

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Superior Construciton

REFINE ALUMINUM DECK RAILING redefines what a refined deck rail should be. Refine is made from a premium heavy duty, powder-coated aluminum that won't rust. The powder coat is also weather-resistant and will withstand the harshest weather conditions. Best of all, Refine aluminum deck railing is manufactured right here in Apple Valley, MN.

Refine railing has superior gauge thickness compared to the competition. With a 1/8" (0.125") thick aluminum construction, you'll be getting a deck railing system worthy of your home. Each 3" railing post comes with complimentary LED lighted post caps.

REFINE ALUMINUM DECK RAILING KITS are available in 4', 6' or 8' lengths and currently exclusively in the color black. Each kit includes the necessary top rail, bottom rail, balusters, and foot blocks.

POST KITS include the post, caps, skirts, mounting bolts, and top/bottom brackets (end, line, or 90°). The line bracket and the 90° bracket include a quantity of 2 sets, while the end bracket has only 1 set. Individual posts are available which include all previously mentioned post components.

STAIR RAILING KITS are available in 6' or 8' lengths and include hardware (posts sold separately).

STAIR MOUNTING BRACKETS are available in 32°, 35°, or 37° angles

REFINE ALUMINUM DECK RAILING is compatible for use with cable, glass, and aluminum inserts.

Note: *Refine Railing is only available locally at this time. If you'd like to purchase Refine Aluminum Deck Railing or request a quote for a project please come in to our store located in Apple Valley, MN.*

Frequently Asked Questions about Refine Railing:

Q: What makes Refine Aluminum Deck Railing superior to other deck railing?

A: Refine Railing is superior to other deck railing for many reasons. To start, you have unlimited access to a team of experts to help you along the way with design, estimates, and questions about installing your rail system. Additionally, the way we manufacture the aluminum allows for maximum strength present in the construction of each component. The gauge thickness of the material is generous compared to the competition.

Q: Is Refine Aluminum Deck Railing weather-proof?

A: Not only is aluminum completely rust-proof, but the premium powder coat adds an additional layer of protection against even the harshest of weather conditions.

Q: How long will Refine last?

A: Depending on the conditions, your aluminum rail should last the lifetime of your home. If fading or scratching occurs it can be painted.

Q: What colors are available?

A: At this time Refine Deck Railing is only available in black. Baluster colors can be changed.

Q: What are glass, cable, or aluminum inserts?

A: Refine is designed in a way that allows for 3 different types of rail to be installed. The first is traditional aluminum balusters. Traditional aluminum balusters are a form of inserts into the top and bottom rail. Alternatively there is cable rail. Cable rail is designed to be minimally obtrusive and allows for maximum viewing potential of the surrounding environments. Using cable rail will instantly make your area feel more spacious by allowing more light and views to come in. Finally, there are glass inserts. These glass inserts are held in by brackets that attach to the aluminum rail system. Glass inserts are another way to make your outdoor living area appear to be brighter, more spacious, and allow for more light to come in. With glass inserts you will be able to see your outdoor living area and it's surrounding environment much easier.

Q: Is installing Refine Deck Railing easy?

A: Installing Refine Deck Railing is a simple and easy process. The aluminum deck railing kits include all the necessary components for building a complete rail system. You will need to purchase mounting hardware separately. Additionally the post kits and stair railing kits include everything you need to finish the job.

Q: Can I get help if I have questions?

A: The Deck Store is home to many home improvement experts. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction to find what you need. However, we are confident that with Refine's simple install kits you will be able to complete your deck railing installation without any hiccups, no matter your experience level.

Q: Does The Deck Store install Refine Deck Railing?

A: At this time The Deck Store does not have an install team in-house. However, we recommend going to Deck and Door to find expert deck builders in Minneapolis.

Q: How much does Refine Aluminum Deck Railing cost?

A: To get an accurate quote or estimate for your residential or business rail needs, please visit us at The Deck Store during business hours (9am-5pm, M-F)

Q: Can I order Refine Railing if I'm outside of the Twin Cities metro area?

A: At this time The Deck Store can not deliver Refine Railing outside of the Twin Cities Metro Area. However if you live outside the specified area, we invite you to arrange your own shipping logistics.

Q: What kind of maintenance do I need to do for aluminum deck railing?

A: Powder-coated aluminum deck railing is very low maintenance. Over time, the railing may accumulate dust and dirt. Fortunately since it is rust-proof, you should have no problems cleaning your rail system with your hose. It is recommended to treat your railing like a car finish and wash it often. If scrubbing be sure to avoid using abrasive scrubbers or steel wool.

Have more questions? Come visit us at The Deck Store in Apple Valley, MN during our business hours.

Refine Railing Installation Instructions: