DTB Deck Tie Back from MiTek

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MiTek DTB Deck Tie Back

  • Enhance the safety and stability of your deck with the MiTek DTB-TZ Deck Tie Back.
  • Crafted from 14 gauge steel for maximum strength and reliability.
  • G185 Triple Zinc Finish for maximum durability and protection against the elements
  • Made in the USA, ensuring superior quality and workmanship.

Detailed Information

The MiTek DTB-TZ Deck Tie Back is here to revolutionize the way you secure your deck to the exterior house wall. Designed to conveniently attach to the deck ledger board, this deck tie back ensures the utmost stability and safety for your deck structure. Also works for outside post attachments.

Manufactured in the USA, you can trust the superior quality and craftsmanship of this product. Its G185 Triple Zinc Finish not only adds an appealing aesthetic touch to your deck, but also provides exceptional durability and resistance against corrosion. With this deck tie back, you can rest assured that your deck will withstand the test of time and the elements.

Made from 14 gauge steel, the MiTek DTB-TZ Deck Tie Back is engineered to deliver unmatched strength and support. Its robust construction guarantees the integrity of your decking system, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind.

The MiTek DTB-TZ Deck Tie Back is easily installed, making it a convenient choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professional deck builders. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free installation process, saving you time and effort.

With its sleek and functional design, this deck tie back seamlessly integrates into your deck structure, enhancing both its visual appeal and structural integrity. Its discreet presence ensures that your deck remains the focal point, while this reliable component works diligently in the background to keep it secure.

Invest in the MiTek DTB-TZ Deck Tie Back and elevate your deck's stability and overall performance. Trust in its exceptional craftsmanship, made in the USA, and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of its G185 Triple Zinc Finish and 14 gauge steel construction. Ensure your deck stays securely attached to the exterior house wall, ensuring your peace of mind and countless memorable moments outdoors.


  • Deck Tie Back For Positive Anchoring Between Deck Frame & Ledger Board
  • G185 Triple Zinc Finish
  • 14 Gauge Steel
  • Attach To Joist With (8) WS15EXT Screws (Included)
  • Attach To Wall With (1) ASTM A307 Or Better 1/2" Bolt Or Threaded Rod (Not Included)
  • 1-13/16" Wide x 6" Length x 2-1/4" Deep
  • Reference# DTT2Z
More Information
Package Quantity One MiTek DTB-TZ Deck Tie Back with 8 WS15EXT Screws
Manufacturer MiTek
Manufacturer Link https://www.mitek-us.com/products/deck-fences/deck-connectors/dtb/
Dimensions 1-13/16" Wide x 6" Length x 2-1/4" Deep
Warranty https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0719/1966/5472/files/mitek-warranty.pdf?v=1698943296
UPC: 81942124528
CA Proposition 65 https://www.thedeckstoreonline.com/proposition-65

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