MP7-TZ Framing Angle from MiTek

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MiTek MP7-TZ Skewable Framing Angle

  • Skewable hanger bracket allows for the creation of custom frame angles
  • Hand adjustable framing angle ranges from 45 to 180 degrees
  • Fabricated at a 100-degree angle for convenient installation
  • Made of 18 gauge steel and coated with G185 Triple Zinc for durability and corrosion resistance

Detailed Information

Create a deck that stands out with the MiTek MP7-TZ Framing Angles. Featuring a skewable hanger bracket, these framing angles offer the flexibility to achieve custom frame angles for an enhanced and unique design. Whether you want a precisely angled deck, or if you prefer a more unconventional layout, these framing angles provide the perfect solution.

Designed for convenience and ease of use, the MiTek MP7-TZ Framing Angles have a hand adjustable framing angle that ranges from 45 to 180 degrees. This allows you to easily fine-tune the angle to fit your specific design requirements. Whether it's a sharp corner or a gradual slope, these framing angles can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of custom angles. For best support, only bend MP7-TZ Angles once.

When it comes to installation, the MiTek MP7-TZ Framing Angles make it a breeze. Arriving pre-fabricated at a 100-degree angle, these framing angles are ready to be installed with minimal adjustments needed. This saves you time and effort during the installation process, so you can enjoy your deck sooner.

Durability is a key feature of the MiTek MP7-TZ Framing Angles. Made of 18 gauge steel, these framing angles are built to withstand the test of time. The G185 Triple Zinc coating further enhances their longevity by providing excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring that your deck or patio remains secure and stable for years to come.

Additionally, the MiTek MP7-TZ Framing Angles have an ESR-3455 Code Report, giving you peace of mind knowing that they meet the necessary industry standards. With these framing angles, you can have confidence in the structural integrity and safety of your custom deck.


  • Adjustable Framing Angle Useful For Angled Deck Framing
  • G185 Triple Zinc Finish
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Attach To Joist With (5) 10D Nails
  • Attach To Header With (5) 10D Nails
  • 5-7/8" High x 2-1/4" Leg Width x 2-1/4" Leg Length
  • Reference# LS70Z
More Information
Package Quantity One MiTek MP7-TZ Framing Angle
Manufacturer MiTek
Manufacturer Link
Dimensions 5-7/8" x 2-1/4" x 2-1/4"
UPC: 81942113089
CA Proposition 65

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