1. Guide to Deck Joist Spacing and Span Chart

    Deck Joist Span

    Creating a custom deck with a DIY deck frame is an excellent method to add a one-of-a-kind piece of outdoor living space to your home. While constructing a deck frame isn't as simple as nailing several boards together, it is a doable DIY project - provided you have the appropriate knowledge and assistance. That's where The Deck Store comes in to help you with your joist plan and spacing strategy.

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  2. Why DekPro Deck Railing is the Perfect Option for Your Home

    Why DekPro Deck Railing is the Perfect Option for Your Home

    DekPro is a leader in the decking industry, providing homeowners and contractors with top-quality aluminum railing, balusters, lighting, and cable rail. Their Prestige Deck Railing system is one of the easiest to install on your own – no contractor required! This heavy-duty aluminum product boasts a sophisticated style at an affordable price point while being powder coated for maximum durability. Plus, DekPro offers a limited lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. So whether you’re looking to build or upgrade your outdoor space yourself or hire a professional, DekPro has got you covered!

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  3. Complete Guide For Building a Deck [Updated for 2024]

    Guide For Building a Deck

    Building a deck can add value to your home and increase your living space without the expense of adding an additional room to your house.

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  4. How Long To Build A Deck? (Time It Takes For Each Step!)

    How Long To Build A Deck

    When it’s time to build a deck, you need to decide on the design, the material list, permits, your budget, and a few other things. This alone can take a couple of days or weeks depending on the season and how ornate your project is. The next question that pops into most future deck owners' heads is how long will this take to build. The answer is - It depends. Yes, I know it's not the answer many of us want to hear but it’s true. Let’s find out why some decks take a week to build and others months.

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  5. Can Decks Be Built In Winter? (5 Reasons Why You Should)

    Can Decks Be Built In Winter

    The Deck Store is based in Minnesota and we experience harsh winters 4 months out of the year and tons of our customers wait until summer to start building their new decks. Typically this is too late to start as by the time you have drawn up your plans, made your material lists, received all your materials, and then built your deck, it is almost fall. Now, many DIY builders think that it is simply not possible to build a deck during the winter months but contrary to popular belief there are several reasons why it is best to build during the cold. The best part about building in the winter? You can enjoy your deck in the spring and summer!

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  6. How to Build and Design a Ground Level Deck

    How to Build and Design a Ground Level Deck

    Ground-level decks cost less and are easier to build than other standard decks. Here is what you should know before you begin designing your new deck.

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  7. Materials You Should Use for Your Pool Deck

    Materials You Should Use for Your Pool Deck

    Nothing completes the look of your pool like a brand new deck does. Not only does a deck help with safety but also adds a modern look to the landscape. If you are ready to install decking by your pool or looking to upgrade an existing deck this article is for you. We go over everything you need to know and how to choose the best materials.

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  8. How Much Weight Can My Deck Hold?

    How Much Weight Can My Deck Hold?

    This is a guest post from LBM Journal:

    As homeowners enter the summer months, many are looking into DIY projects that will allow them to upgrade their outdoor living space. As they do, a common question deck professionals receive is, “how much can my deck hold?”

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  9. New Deck vs. Re-Deck

    New Deck vs. Re-Deck

    This is a guest post from LBM Journal:

    I've been in this industry for 29 years, and if there is one thing I've noticed it's that there are a large number of decks in the U.S. that are more than 20 years old. A lot of homeowners are looking to update their outdoor living space this year—and that's why they come to you. Now, a great deal has happened in the last 20 years: codes have changed and building materials are evolving and enhancing every few years. For that very reason, when a customer comes into the store wanting to salvage and rebuild their existing deck, there are some key considerations.

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  10. Take the Stress Out of Deck Building: Start With the Foundation

    Take the Stress Out of Deck Building: Start With the Foundation

    When you start the construction for your new deck, it's important to start with a strong foundation, just like building a house. If you are planning on doing this yourself, this article will be a great point to start. We will explain what are deck footings, foundation, and how to do it right. So your deck will be strong and sturdy for years to come.

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