1. How do I care for composite decks? (step-by-step)

    How do I care for composite decks? (step-by-step)

    Composite decks are great. They last longer than wood decks, are water resistant, and look fantastic but they do need a little TLC every now and then. Even if composite decks require much less maintenance than real wood decks, they require some cleaning and care to keep the material in tip-top shape. Below are some tips on how to care for composite decks.

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  2. Your Most Common Deck Stain Questions - Answered!

    Common deck stain questions

    Every couple of years deck owners must add the task of staining the deck to their project list. Usually, this only takes a couple of hours to do and is quite a simple task, but there are tons of questions out there when it comes to this project. You probably have heard to do it in cloudy, cool weather, thicker coats last longer, and your new deck needs to sit for a couple of months before applying the stain. Are these true? Or myths that have been shared among others for years? Below you’ll find the most common questions we are asked and what the answers are to each one.

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  3. Can Deck Cleaner Kill Grass? (3 Non-Toxic Natural Alternatives)

    Can Deck Cleaner Kill Grass?

    Before I started the project of cleaning my deck this weekend, a question popped into my head. After doing some landscaping in my backyard I was concerned the deck cleaning product could kill my grass and freshly planted flowers. I did a quick Google search but it was hard to find an answer so I decided to write this blog post so others with the same question can get a clear answer. I also wanted to add some amazing and easy-to-make all-natural cleaning products that I ran across during my research.

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  4. Your Guide on How to Paint a Deck

    Your Guide on How to Paint a Deck

    Painting a deck is great to get that updated new look without spending a lot of money or hiring a professional. Paint acts a lot like deck stain where it also protects your deck from damage. Painting a deck that looks professional is not rocket science by any means but you will want to follow the steps below to get the best results.

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  5. How to Refinish a Deck

    How to Refinish a Deck

    Wood decks wear and tear over the years and need to be stained every so often. This gives your deck the just-built look and a new life. It may seem like a daunting task to refinish your deck. Or maybe you don't know where to start. That's ok because The Deck Store experts are here to help.

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  6. Spring Cleaning Deck Maintenance Checklist

    Spring Cleaning Deck Maintenance Checklist

    Spring is just around the corner or maybe when you are reading this it's already here. Spring cleaning your deck is a must, especially in the colder states. Upkeep and maintenance are whats going to keep your wood deck lasting for years. There are several things you should check before you enjoy your deck during the summer months and we will walk you through each and every one below.

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