The Deck Store is based in Minnesota and we experience harsh winters 4 months out of the year and tons of our customers wait until summer to start building their new decks. Typically this is too late to start as by the time you have drawn up your plans, made your material lists, received all your materials, and then built your deck, it is almost fall. Now, many DIY builders think that it is simply not possible to build a deck during the winter months but contrary to popular belief there are several reasons why it is best to build during the cold. The best part about building in the winter? You can enjoy your deck in the spring and summer!

can you build a deck in the winter
Winter Deck

More Contractors Available

Unless you are going to build your deck yourself. During the wintertime, you will have more available contractors to contact. This means more quotes and you get the job done for the best possible price. Also, they will be able to get the job done faster as in the colder states, they typically don’t have much work in the winter time compared to the summer. By the time your deck project is complete, you will be able to enjoy it right when spring comes around.

Minimizes Damage to Your Grass and Landscape

Building during the spring is popular for many deck owners but it also can cause the most damage to your backyard. During the spring the moisture from the melted snow and rain is still very present in the soil thus making the ground soft and unstable. So when your builders are constantly walking around your yard, you will see more marks and damage done in the spring than in the winter.

build a deck in winter
Deck Built In Winter

Cold Weather Is The Best Time To Stain a Deck

You need cool cloudy weather to stain a deck, staining a deck when it is 90 degrees out and sunny is a nightmare and no one with experience would even recommend you to do that. The reason why is because the sun will cause the deck stain to dry super fast and not actually penetrate the wood fibers. This will make the stain crack and peel off the deck after a short period of time.

Let The Underlying Wood Cure

If you are building a wood or composite deck, both are typically built with pressure-treated wood, especially for the footers and structure. Pressure-treated wood needs time to cure and the low humidity cool winter provides the best weather to do this. Summer humidity and heat can cause pressure-treated wood to turn green, warp, or crack. Curing is the time it takes for the moisture to evaporate from the wood.

You Won’t Be Using Your Backyard Anyways

It is a drag when your backyard is filled with building materials, contractors, and tools during the beautiful summer days. So why wouldn’t you build your deck during the winter when you are not even thinking about using your backyard for lounging purposes.


Building your deck in the wintertime is always a smart idea, and the benefits you get from this are much better than waiting for the spring or summertime. If you need help finding a contractor or a material list contact one of our deck experts to get started on your deck project today.