Trex Enhance composite decking is the latest offering from Trex. This deck board offers homeowners a high-performance yet low-maintenance option that comes is affordable for any deck project.

trex basic decking
Trex Basic Decking

Authentic Look

Trex Enhance decking offers an authentic look and a feel that mimics real wood. It has a subtle wood-grain appearance that looks great in any of the 7 colors they offer for this decking.

trex composite decking
Trex Composite Decking


Composite decking has many benefits over real wood but one of the most crucial is the low maintenance it requires. Real wood typically needs to be re-stained and cleaned often to prevent deck rot or other problems from arising. Composite decking like Trex Enhance only needs annual cleaning to keep it looking brand new.

trex deck
Trex Deck


Trex is so confident in their decking materials that they offer a limited 25-year warranty on all composite decking. Many composite decks can last 30+ years as long as they are maintained annually.

trex enhance decking
Trex Enhance Decking

The Choice Is Yours

Trex offers square edge and grooved edge boards. Square edge boards install traditionally like wood with deck screws. Grooved edge boards install with hidden fastening systems beneath the deck surface. Grooved edge boards are very popular because they leave a tidy free finish without any screw holes.

You Can't Go Wrong

With the number of options in the marketplace, it is definitely hard to make a decision on what to go with. If you choose Trex Enhance decking for your build you simply can't go wrong. You will love the decision you made for years to come.