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Cable Rail Systems - The Deck Store, Apple Valley MN

Protect Your View ‐ the number one key principle in deck design. At The Deck Store we offer several very great brands of cable rail to enhance the incredible views from your deck, porch or patio. All the systems we offer are unique in their function. DekPro InvisiCable is simple and easy to install and is simplistic in design, RailFX Cable Rail adds aluminum posts to that, & the Prova brand system raises the bar when it come to cable rail products with tube options. Cable rail installs easily, there is no wasted time taking precise railing measurements, just select cable assemblies that are slightly longer than you need and trim any excess on site.

In our many years in business we have heard many rumors about the legality of cable and other horizontal rail systems, at the time of this writing there are no national code regulations that prohibit the installation and use of these systems. Before purchasing any cable rail system, we always suggest you refer to your local code officials opinion prior to purchasing this product.

We're sure that you'll find a system to fit the deck of your most discerning customer or family member. A typical system will cost between $75 - $150 per lineal foot.