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Will this cap fit my exsisting deck post?

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One of the most common questions we are asked, and the number one reason for returns is... "Will the lighted post cap from ABC brand fit the post sleeve I have from brand XYZ"

The simple answer is I don't know it depends! 

Here's Why! Manufacturers want you to use their products, so if they were to make a post, where only their cap would fit you would have to buy there product. Right! Selecting which one will fit each other is nearly impossible, of course a larger cap will fit a smaller post, but it may be too loose. Some manufacturers will change the shape of their post to limit which caps fit, one technique they use is to put a radius or diagonal corner on the cap and sleeve so even if the post is identical in size the shape prevents other caps from fitting. Here's one additional challenge, Color! need I say more.

It should be no surprise that some of the newer entries in to this market are making caps that can fit multiple size posts. It is also well known that some manufacturers don't really make their own caps or lights, someone else does. If I were to mention specific brands that fit Major Brands here I would likely lose the ability to provide them. But we do offer caps on our site from the manufacturers that provide not only the caps but other lighting supplies, balusters, etc.  If your looking to fit a Name brand post, consider the more generic lower priced options. LMT is an example of a manufacture that produces products for multiple manufacturers. We carry many of their items in our selection, maybe you'll recognize them.  


The Fortress Accent post cap is a name brand that is designed to fit multiple size posts too.  The cap is made of a very heavy and durable metal and the colors are selected to compliment your existing post sleeve. These caps go well with wood, composite, and metal post sleeves.



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