Deck To Wall Spacer

D2W Deck2Wall Spacer - "Don't let your deck rot your house!"

About Deck2Wall Spacers

Deck2Wall Spacers™ are easy to install, simply fasten the spacer to the ledger with properly sized screws or nails through the attachment holes prior to bolting the ledger to the structure. The large diameter of the Deck2Wall Spacers™ will provide greater bearing surface than standard washers.

Deck2Wall Spacers™ allow machine bolts or lag screws to be positioned on a ledger as specified by an engineer or architect. Other methods may not offer this flexibility.

Attaching deck ledgers is serious business. Failures can be disastrous. Use Deck2Wall Spacers™ with appropriate fasteners. Consult a design professional if necessary.  Use Deck2Wall Spacers™ for a fast and professional ledger installation. 

Why Deck2Wall Spacers?

A common problem associated with deck ledgers is dry rot. An improperly installed ledger can trap moisture between the ledger and house which can lead to dry rot. This condition can rot not only the siding, but also framing, most notably the rim or band joist. This rot is costly to repair and is often a contributing factor to ledger failure or deck collapse.

For many years a common practice has been to space deck ledgers with multiple flat washers or face to face malleable washers. Many other inferior materials and methods have been used to create this space. The biggest problem with washers is the difficulty they present during installation.

Deck2Wall Spacers™ were designed to replace the multiple washer application. They are easy to install, they will eliminate the need to cut siding in some situations and can be used with flashing in other situations.

Deck2Wall Spacers™ can be used on free standing decks to provide additional lateral strength. There are interior applications for spacing untreated lumber off concrete walls. 

Deck2Wall Spacers™ can save valuable labor time, they are economical, they don't rot or rust, and are not affected by ACQ treated lumber. 


  1. Cut ledger to length and lay out joists. 
  2. Temporarily attach the ledger in its desired location.
  3. Drill holes as specified by your designer. Avoid joist locations or vertical grooves in siding if applicable.
  4. Remove ledger, center Deck2Wall Spacers™ over bolt holes and attach with corrosion-resistant screws or nails to the building side of the ledger.
  5. At the house, apply silicone sealant in and around the bolt hole to prevent moisture intrusion.
  6. Position ledger into proper alignment on building and secure with appropriate fasteners.

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