Titan Deck to Post Connector

Titan Post Anchors

Quick to Install

  • No Notching Deck Boards
  • Save Time and Labor
  • Extend Post Life Span

Strong and Durable

  • Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Works with ACQ Treated

Beautiful Finish

  • Concealed Support Tube
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Base Covers Available

The strongest post to deck connection device we have discovered for attaching wood posts to your deck surface or concrete patio. Whenever possible we like to thru-bolt the post to the frame members by extending the post below the deck surface and applying two 3/8" carriage bolts nuts and washers, however sometimes this isn't possible because we have had to double up a joist or a box beam that interferes with the location of the post(s), cutting or notching of the post isn't desirable in these circumstances, that's where the Titan post anchor prevails. When used on inside or outside corners these metal brackets add additional strength to the rail.

Tip: The Titan Post Anchor also works great when using a composite or aluminum post sleeve cover. While some manufacturer's post base skirts or trim covers will not hide the Titan Bracket we have discovered that using the Titan Snap Skirts applied first, then setting the post sleeve down onto the top of the snap skirt, creates a nice looking finished connection. Some manufacturer's post trim can be easily modified to fit over the Titan connectors to hide the Titan base connectors. Timbertech Post Skirts and Timbertech Post Covers are an example of one that would fit with minor modification to the skirt by cutting the inside corners slightly with a Dremel or similar tool. In fact, the image we used for the Timbertech Skirt on this site was attached using a Titan post anchor and Timbertech post skirt. Some examples of trim that don't fit using the manufacturer's post skirts would be Trex Transcend post covers and Decorators Brand Aluminum Rails. These sleeves can be used with the Titan Snap Skirt applied first then sliding the post to the top. A matching silicone caulk to seal the seam once the deck is completed adds the finishing touch.

Installation Made Simple - Watch the Video for More Detailed Instructions

Step 1) Select the post you intend to use, avoid posts that have knots within 6" of the end you intend to drill. Locate the center of your post by simply drawing lines from corner of the post to the opposing corner. The point where they intersect is the center.

Step 2) Using a deep hole saw drill into the post at the center as deep as the bit will allow, the saw will not drill as deep as the steel anchor needs to go, this is where the strength comes in. Exceptions to this will be when you are using a hardwood post such as IPE. In the case of a hardwood use a spade bit to start the hole then finish it with the Titan hole saw. You will not be able to drive the Titan into a hardwood post without drilling the full depth.

Step 3) Place the Titan Anchor in to the hole created by the hole saw and using a small sledge hammer, 2# Size, drive the Titan into the post until fully seated, watching the alignment as you seat the post, use your hammer to make adjustments as required.

Step 4) Once the Titan Anchor is fully seated and square to the post, pre-drill and install the fasteners into the post bottom

Step 5) Complete the installation by placing the post on your deck or patio surface and pre-drill and install the needed fasteners, it will be important to be sure all installed fasteners are installed into a solid material. Attaching just to the decking is not an approved method, solid blocking should be installed below decking.