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Shipping to Canada

Canadian Customers

We are actively working on shipping solutions to Canada. Currently TheDeckStoreOnline can only ship to a U.S. address. One option for Canadian customers is shipping products to a border drop-off location to be picked up. Kinek is our preferred provider. Kinek has U.S. border package receiving locations from coast-to-coast, and make ordering from U.S. retailers and shipping to one of their border KinekPoints as simple as possible. Sign-Up for a free Kinek account, choose a location, and then use the address they provide you with as your shipping address. To find a border location near you, simply click the link below and then select the province you live in.  Step By Step Instructions.

In order for Canadian customers to order products from TheDeckStoreOnline, we need a U.S. shipping address. One option for Canadian customers is shipping products to a border drop-off location to be picked up. Kinek has US border package receiving locations from coast-to-coast. Have your products shipped to the border drop-off location. They will email you when your shipment arrives. Pick it up at your leisure.


You can follow the step-by-step instructions below to place your order from us to be shipped to a border drop-off location, where you can pick it up when it arrives.

  • Sign-Up for a free Kinek account, and follow the instructions on Kinek website.
    •  After choosing a Kinek Point make sure to copy it's address in order to add it on

Sign up at kinek

  • Order your products from TheDeckStoreOnline. 

Add To Cart

  • In the Shopping Cart, click Proceed to Checkout.

Proceed to Checkout

  • When checking out:
    • Fill in you information.
    • Add your Canadian address in the the address lines. 
    • Select "Ship to a different address".
    • Continue

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billing address

  • For the shipping information:
    • Fill in the Kinek point address point in the address lines.
    • Add Kinek phone number.
    • Select "United States" from the country list.
    • Continue

Ship To Address

  • Finish the rest of the steps and place your oder. Once the order is shipped and delivered to your Kinek point, pick it up and enjoy using our product!

Border Locations

Canadian Ship To The Border Locations

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