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Flat Rate USPS Shipping

New shipping choices for

  • Canada
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • U.S. Territories

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    • Priority Mail -

      Is now an option for Alaska, Hawaii,Puerto Rico, and all other US territories. "If it Fits it Ships" We are currently configuring these options if you need an item that fits and doesn't offer Priority Mail as an option please contact us and will will add it. Available to any Destination is an overseas U.S. Possession, Territory or Freely Associated State
    • Repackaging Option:

      We may elect at our discretion to change the original packaging to more suitably fit in a USPS box if you prefer to get the original packaging select the more expensive Air Shipping options. Example: Trex fasteners on large quantities ship in a plastic bucket that is too large to ship in a USPS however the contents will fit in the USPS box and save you a substantial amount on the shipping costs

    Hawaii And Alaska Shipping

    Why US Territories and Possessions are Considered Domestic?

    Items can be shipped within, among, and between to these Freely Associated States and United States Territories and Possessions as Domestic mail items:

    • American Samoa (AS)
    • Manua Island
    • Swain's Island
    • Tutuila Island
    • Baker Island
    • Canton Island
    • Caroline Island
    • Ponape
    • Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
    • Rota Island
    • Saipan Island
    • Tinian Island
    • Enderbury Island
    • Chuuk (Truk) Island,
    • Kosrae Island,
    • Pohnpei Island (formerly known as Ponape)
    • Yap Island  
    • Federated States of Micronesia
    • Guam (GU)
    • Howland Island
    • Jarvis Island
    • Johnston Island
    • Kingman Reef
    • (Ebeye Island,
    • Kwajalein Island
    • Majuro Island)
    • Koror
    • Republic of the Marshall Islands
    • Midway Islands
    • Eastern Island
    • Sand Island
    • Koror Island
    • Navassa Island
    • Wake Island
    • Republic of Palau Island (PW)
    • Palmyra Island
    • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (PR)
    • U.S. Virgin Islands (VI)
    • Saint Croix Island
    • Saint John Island
    • Saint Thomas Island
    • Wake Island Atoll (HI)