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Canadian Shipping Step By Step

U.S. & Canadian FlagsIn order for Canadian customers to order products from TheDeckStoreOnline, we need a U.S. shipping address. One option for Canadian customers is shipping products to a border drop-off location to be picked up. Kinek has US border package receiving locations from coast-to-coast. Have your products shipped to the border drop-off location. They will email you when your shipment arrives. Pick it up at your leisure.


 You can follow the step-by-step instructions below to place your order from us to be shipped to a border drop-off location, where you can pick it up when it arrives.

Step #1 - Sign-Up for a free Kinek account. 

Sign up at kinek

Step #2 - Order your products from TheDeckStoreOnline.

 Add To Cart

Step #3 - In the Shopping Cart, click Proceed to Checkout.

 Proceed to Checkout

Step #4 - When checking out, provide your Canadian address for Billing. Make sure to check "Ship to different address".

billing address

Step #5 - Provide your KinekPoint address as the Ship To address. Enter your First and Last Name and the KinekPoint address in the remaining fields.

Ship To Address

Step #6 - Pick up your order when it arrives to your KinekPoint.