Ground-level decks cost less and are easier to build than other standard decks. Here is what you should know before you begin designing your new deck.

Building a Ground Level Deck

ground level deck
Ground Level Deck Seating

A ground-level deck is a perfect way to upgrade your backyard. It can be used for dining outside, entertaining friends and family, or just sitting and relaxing. If you are building the ground-level deck yourself, you should be excited to know that it is one of the easiest decks to build. You don't need to dig to install this kind of deck. You can build the deck on store-bought pier blocks that sit right on the ground.

Designing Your Ground Level Deck

ground level deck seating
Ground Level Deck with Seating

Once the initial structure has been complete and the deck boards have been installed, it's time to start designing your deck. Since the deck is so close to the ground, a railing is optional but we at The Deck Store recommend it. It makes your deck space look very modern and does add protection to prevent trips or falls from happening. You can also add in benches, planters, kitchen spaces, firepits, and more depending on your budget and desired design.

Materials To Use For Your Ground-Level Deck

Since ground-level decks are so close to the ground it is important to pick either composite wood or pressure-treated wood for the beams and joist to protect the deck from damage. Moisture from the ground can cause your deck boards to rot. This will easily ruin your deck so choosing the right material is very very important to do.


Ground-level decks are the easiest deck to build and can upgrade your background's living space into something special. Remember to keep up on maintaining the deck so you can enjoy it for years to come. We suggest washing the deck every spring and fall and for wood decks, we recommend applying sealant every couple of years to protect it from the elements.